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How To Get Verified On TikTok In 4 Simple Ways

TikTok is available in 75 languages, has 1 billion active users, and is a fun-based social media platform that allows users to create, watch and share videos. The short form of videos, up to 60 seconds, is the main reason for attracting the most Z-generations users. Like other popular social media platforms, you can follow celebrities, watch videos, dance challenges, and so on. 

The users’ data privacy and security are more concerned on this platform, so getting verified on TikTok boosts your profile engagement. A verified account protects the users from being copied, imitated, and bullied by other users, so read the full article to get complete instructions about How to get verified on TikTok and its eligibility. 

What Does Get Verify On TikTok Mean?

The blue tick mark on your TikTok profile page indicates your account is verified. The TikTok team reserved this feature for famous TikTokers, celebrities, and popular brands because most users try to imitate their accounts.

Why Get Verified On TikTok?

The TikTok Algorithm prioritizes the contents from verified TikTok accounts making your videos get more exposure. Users get many benefits from a verified account, and some of the benefits are:


If you are a celebrity or a famous person, obtain verification to prevent impersonation from taking care of the situation quickly. Too many bots access the accounts for circulating fake information. It is not an easy process to get verified on TikTok, so the blue tick on your profile indicates you are a natural person to the audience and increases your post authenticity to your followers. 


A verified badge is a status symbol that makes you a part of an elite group and an influential person. The research stated that the TikTok algorithm frequently promotes the verified account contents on the Fyi page, so it helps your content get more audience and induces your post engagement. 


The blue batch indicates the trustworthiness and authenticity of the creator and their contents which helps to attain maximum followers and is free from spammers. Celebrities also prefer to reply to verified accounts’ comments and form a partnership with other verified brands’ accounts because it symbolizes you are worth following. 

Top Four Tricks To Get Verified On TikTok

Find A Niche And Keep Posting

Utilize the TikTok analytics feature to analyze your video and profile and find your best work and target audience. Posting innovative content often gives more likes and enhances your profile authority which is the best way to get more brand exposure. Researchers stated participating in trending challenges with popular hashtags delivers your brand to a broader audience. TikTok is a fun-based platform, so using sound effects in your content is an attractive way to get more attention. 

Make Viral Content

Most of the verified accounts have at least one viral video before getting verified on TikTok. Getting on the Foryou page boosts your post reach and makes your video more viral on TikTok. If your account has higher activity and maximum user engagement, it helps to get your account verified soon. Likes and views are the essential factors to getting viral on TikTok. So, you need to gain likes for TikTok videos to boost your reach among millions of thousands of target audiences. More likes in your video show the video quality, so you need to get likes to get verified on the TikTok process. 

Get Featured In The Media

Feature in the newspaper or popular news page has an incredible impact on your profile reach and is a great way to get verified on TikTok. 

Use catchy subject lines and unique content because those looking for content use your video in a newspaper, radio, or youtube pages because a single video can make you viral overnight. 

Become Verified On Another Social Media Platform

Users can apply verification on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This method is slightly more accessible compared with the TikTok verified account process. Check out the platforms fixes specific requirements for account verification.


Getting verified on TikTok allows your content to appear on the For you page. You need to maintain the above criteria to get verified on TikTok, so follow the TikTok guidelines and show authenticity in your every video. Focusing on creating innovative and viral content makes you successful on the TikTok app.  

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