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5 Tips to Create Engaging Stories On Instagram

Instagram stories have emerged as one of the most engaging features on the app. Its popularity has increased to such an extent that it is now the second most downloaded app on the Google Play Store after Facebook. Instagram stories allow people to share moments of their day quickly and easily with their followers. More than 500 million users post Instagram stories so the engagement rate is high. 

Stories are a perfect place where you can promote your business by posting videos on the making of the product, how your product works etc. It is quite easy to post a story. However, it is not that simple to boost your Instagram story views. Let’s learn how to boost your Instagram stories through some effective ways.

Take a break

Stop posting your stories on Instagram for a few days or weeks and analyze different strategies to boost your Instagram story. The Instagram algorithm is set up in a way that if you are not posting stories for a few days, they push up your story views by sending notifications to your followers to come back on Instagram.

Stick to a Routine

Post stories regularly to stay connected with your audiences, and get more engagement. Follow the guidelines below for daily story ideas,

Story ideas for morning

  • Share what you are going to do today
  • Share the place you travel to
  • Share what you’re going to have for breakfast.

Story ideas for noon

  • Share about your work done today
  • Share what you have for lunch
  • Share any random videos or posts.

Story ideas for night

  • Share how the day went
  • Share greetings while going to sleep.

These are some useful story routines that help to gain more story views.

Encourage Engagement

Engage with your followers by interacting with them and replying to their messages.

This will maintain a good relationship with your audience. Conduct Q&A and poll stories to know more about your followers’ tastes and preferences. In this way, you can gain more views for your stories. The number of views on Instagram stories plays an important role in your stories becoming viral but you need to consider several factors to gain views. It is quite a long process and it may slow down your next steps in the business. You can overcome these problems when you buy views on Instagram story that could help you get more reach and user engagement for your stories in a shorter period.

Post Adequate Number Of Stories Per Day

Posting more than 15 stories in a day may gain less attention from the audience and receive fewer views. While posting stories, you need to consider some of the factors like the quality of photos, videos, factual content, and user preferences, and find the best time to post. To get a good amount of views and reach the audience, you need to post 10-15 stories in a day.

Ensure Quality

Instagram offers various story features like a boomerang, funny filters, stickers, and a wide range of fonts. In recent times people have shown more attention to creating stories. Use various story features to make your story creative, more trending, and rich in quality. Instagram allows you to share your stories by tagging your friends, which will help you reach more new audiences.


Instagram stories are quick, handy, and helpful in getting more views and reach. Post creative stories to grab the audience’s attention. Follow the above valuable stories tips to make your stories more creative to stand out from competitors, and attain your goal in a shorter period.

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