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How To Get People To Like, Comment, And Follow You On Instagram

If a company wants to engage its audience with captivating, immersive visual material, Instagram is the best social media channel to use. However, it is not always easy to predict what will be well received. Here are some suggestions for attracting Instagram followers with material that is both interesting and motivating.

Share Genuine-Feeling, Natural-Looking Photographs

Instagram’s early adopters immediately gravitated towards authentic depictions of everyday life. This kind of material still dominates the stream today.

If you’re want to give your Instagram story a true, authentic vibe, you should include a wide variety of photographs. As an alternative to using generic stock photographs, you may try your hand at:

  • images from events – Share images from any events your company is participating in, from open houses and holiday parties to trade exhibits and conferences, to further engage your Instagram followers. Take some shots on your own during each workplace event, no matter how tiny.
  • Snapshots of Staff — Including staff members in your Instagram posts shows that you care about them as individuals. Introduce new members of the team or do a small monthly feature on a different team member.
  • Advocacy marketing – Want to let folks know about a recent launch? Take some photos on your own to show your audience and help them learn.
  • Does your place of work provide any breathtaking sunsets for environmental shots? Perhaps you work in the tourism business and find yourself in close proximity to lovely lakes, trails, and campers. Outdoorsy photos fare exceptionally well on Instagram. Images of the surrounding environment that are relevant to your business, field, or region might help you win over your target audience.

Make videos that are both unique and engaging.

Videos on Instagram are an excellent means to interact with your target audience. Video not only provides companies with an additional medium for telling their story, but it also humanises the brand by allowing consumers to directly engage with its personality, ethos, and promises.

Experiment with Instagram Stories to Share Real-Time Material

Instagram’s top section is dedicated to “Stories,” which are temporary posts. They only last for 24 hours and then vanish forever. If you want to keep your Instagram followers interested, why would you utilise Instagram Stories? Since seventy percent of Instagrammers check out stories every day.

The best thing is that you may produce your own Stories with the authentic images and videos you currently have or plan to shoot. Stickers and graphics are just two of the many Instagram features you can use to customise and improve your Stories. You can use Instagram Stories in a variety of ways to connect with your target audience; experiment to find what works best.

Promote the content of other users on your page.

Sharing what people are saying about your company on your own Instagram profile is a great approach to get your fans involved. User-generated content (UGC) is valuable for generating enthusiasm among your own audience when utilised properly and with authorization.

Get your followers involved by hosting a contest or giving away prizes.

When their favourite companies announce a contest or giveaway, Instagram users lose their minds with excitement. You may accomplish this by uploading photos and videos on a regular basis or by creating a story. To participate, users may be required to follow a brand’s Instagram profile or tag a friend or family member who also uses the platform.

One of the best parts about organising a competition is that you need not provide a material or monetary award to the winner. If you own a pizza parlour and you hold a contest asking fans to contribute their favourite pizza recipes (using a hashtag you choose), you can then select a winner and publicly recognise them.

Read Up on Instagram

Instagram offers a wealth of possibilities, whether you’re looking to expand your fan base or launch a marketing campaign.

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