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4 Instagram Content Strategies That Every Brand Should Know

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Instagram is the trending platform, with 2 billion people scrolling through the app every month by spending an average of half an hour every day. According to recent stats, 90% of users follow business profiles on Instagram, which makes it an excellent platform for businesses to increase their brand visibility and drive traffic to their business. 

Brands must follow the popular Instagram trends to have a great content marketing strategy on Instagram. All you need to do is share a different type of high-quality and valuable content to improve your brand reach. In this post, you will learn how to create content to boost your brand reach and conversions on Instagram.

#1: Know Your Audience

If you are an existing brand on Instagram, you could probably know your customers. But for beginners, it is necessary to do research in finding the target audiences. Always keep your potential audience in mind when developing your Instagram content strategy. As a brand, check your audience profile and find out their interest and users they follow. It helps to understand your target audience and create content according to them. 

Also, ask the following questions to yourself?

  • What does the regular day life of audiences look like?
  • What do they do during their free time? 
  • What brands do they love?

Finding solutions for the above queries will help you decide the content to create and think of the possible posts outside your regular brand shots. 

#2: Share Instagram Reels

Recently Instagram launched a new feature called Instagram reels, which allows users to share up to 15 to 30-second videos to showcase your creativity. Creating entertaining reels will help increase your content visibility and make more people look at your business profile. 

Sometimes Instagram reels videos may not get enough engagement and result in getting only a few views. To avoid this, search for the best buy Instagram reels video views services to enhance your brand popularity. Boosting your Instagram reels views will not only improve your reach but increase your followers as well. 

#3: Tag Products To Make Shoppable Posts

Tagging your products on your Instagram content allows your target audience to shop directly from the post. Your audience doesn’t have to access your website to purchase products. Instead, they can shop from your Instagram posts. So, it becomes a great content strategy for the brand to improve its business reach among a wider audience. Follow the below steps to do it more easier:

To tag products, your Instagram account must be approved for shopping. 

  • Go to your account and click shopping to continue.
  • Choose a product catalogue that connects your profile.
  • Select a photo and add captions. 
  • Then, click the products you want to tag. On Instagram, you can tag up to five products per post. 

These are the steps to set up Instagram for shopping.

Share high-quality tagged posts and boost your audience to shop products directly through Instagram. Product tagging seems to be the perfect content strategy for brands to increase its business presence and ROI. 

#4: Partner With Influencers

Including influencer marketing in your content strategy is a powerful way to grow your followers and brand popularity on the platform. Partnering with the right influencers can potentially expand your brand reach among a wider audience. Additionally, choose influencers from your industry to reach your target audience on the platform. 

Instagram takeovers can be successful if your target audience overlaps with the audience of the influencers you select to partner with. Instagram live and stories feature host these takeovers. If needed, you can save all those stories of influencers on Instagram highlights that help your new followers to view them anytime. 

Wrapping Up

Content planning on Instagram is the best way to boost your business reach and engagement on the platform. Creating a content calendar is essential because it is the route to guide your path to reach success on Instagram. In addition, a content calendar identifies content gaps and builds consistency. 

To improve your brand awareness, you must post different content types to engage your audience. Moreover, leverage Instagram features to measure the success of your business account to maximise opportunities. Follow the four strategies effectively to take your brand’s success to the next level.  

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