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Everything You Need To Know Instagram Engagement Rate

After posting on Instagram, you find it impossible to look away. Comments and likes are like a prize you can’t help but anticipate!

People are addicted to the immediate gratification that comments and likes on social media platforms offer.

Likes, shares, and other types of engagement, however, are more than just a method for businesses and marketers to experience the thrill of instant gratification.

It’s essential for publicising your company to draw in new clients and increase sales.

Do you want to know how to boost Instagram engagement?

All of your burning inquiries about Instagram engagement rate will be answered, including what it is, how to calculate it, what constitutes a good one, and why it’s so important to increase it.

And of course, make sure you read all the way to the end because we’ll give you ten certain ways to increase Instagram engagement.

What Exactly Does Instagram Engagement Rate Mean?

Instagram users’ involvement with the content you share on your page is quantified by the Instagram engagement rate. It sort of shows how intriguing and pertinent your publications are to your readership.

You can determine whether your posts are engaging with your followers on Instagram by knowing your engagement rate. It’s one of the most crucial KPIs that marketers should monitor in order to evaluate the effectiveness of their social media marketing campaigns.

What Constitutes a Good Instagram Engagement Rate?

As a general rule…

  • Low engagement rate equals less than 1%
  • Average/good engagement rate is between 1% and 3.5%.
  • High engagement rate is between 3.5% and 6%.
  • Very high engagement rate when it exceeds 6%
  • However, the benchmark average engagement rate for Instagram posts will vary by sector and by type of material.

Why Is Prioritising Increasing Your Instagram Engagement Rate Important?

Increasing your Instagram engagement rate is crucial if you want to stay competitive and provide your audience with relevant material.

There’s another, more practical reason to be concerned with your Instagram interaction rate, though.

Instagram’s algorithms favour popular content and promote it so that more people may see it.

So, to increase the number of people who see your material, if the platform recognises that it is becoming popular, it will place your publication on the Instagram Explore Page.

5 Practical Ideas to Increase Instagram Engagement

First and foremost, we should emphasise that your Instagram material must adhere to all platform guidelines and be of the highest calibre and originality.

If you post anything that violates the community guidelines, is poorly created, or isn’t original (yes, even if you’re the author and just recycled it from another social networking platform), Instagram may shadowban you or even terminate your account.

When attempting to raise your Instagram engagement rate, producing high-quality material is only half the battle. You must approach Instagram marketing carefully and follow best practises if you want to grow your brand there.

Establish a posting schedule for Instagram

Your followers may feel overloaded by the amount of stuff they see from you on their feeds if you post too frequently and frequently. They’ll consequently engage with it less or maybe stop following you.

On the other hand, publishing infrequently isn’t the best strategy either.

While your followers won’t find your postings annoying (and they could even miss you in their feeds), Instagram doesn’t like accounts that don’t take advantage of posting on the platform seriously and may even hide your fresh posts after a period of inactivity.

Make sure you thoroughly understand and know your audience

Finding out who your audience is will help you determine when to publish on Instagram for your business.

Discover when they are most active on Instagram, then try to modify your publication schedule to coincide with those times.

Checking your Instagram Insights page is the simplest way to discover this information.

Note: To access it, you must have an Instagram Business account.

You may get information about the ideal times and days to publish content in the Instagram Insights section.

Make CTAs available

Ask for what you want if you want it!

If you want your audience to interact with your material, use a strong call to action (CTA) to encourage them to like, share, save, or comment on it.

A CTA can be included in the caption or the design.

At the same time, keep in mind that Instagram is constantly working to enhance the social media platform and raise the calibre of the information shared there.

Because of this, they continually altering their algorithms to combat accounts that post “engagement bait” — articles that attempt to game the system and raise their Instagram engagement rate by inciting others to respond with likes, comments, or shares — on their feeds.

Interact With Your Supporters

As you may have observed, the most successful CTA examples from the previous section emphasised encouraging individuals to start a conversation.

There’s a solid reason for this: giving your followers topics to discuss is the simplest approach to dramatically increase the amount of comments under your Instagram photos!

Monitor New Instagram Formats and Features

Social media marketers can use Instagram’s continually updated features and formats to raise their engagement rates and expand their organic reach.

Make sure you stay current with platform updates and test new features as they become available.

Three factors account for this:

  • Instagram favours modern accounts who don’t hesitate to try out novel formats.
  • You have a better chance of sticking out from the crowd and drawing more attention to your content when a feature is new and not many accounts are using it to maximise their social media marketing outcomes.
  • To demonstrate how firms may leverage the newest Instagram capabilities, many blogs that discuss social media issues require examples. If your page is one of the early adopters, your chances of gaining more visibility increase significantly.

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