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A Visual Guide To 2023 Instagram Feed Planning

Vista Social’s cutting-edge tools are made to assist you in creating and sharing the best Instagram posts possible. We’re happy to let you know that managing Instagram accounts for your company and your customers just became a whole lot simpler. Before you schedule, publish, and analyse your Instagram posts, check out our visual feed planner.

A well-curated Instagram feed should introduce you and your work to profile visitors in a few short seconds. This is crucial for gaining followers and fostering a relationship with your audience, who may later turn into paying clients.

The Importance of Strategically Planning Your 2023 Instagram Feed

Online purchasing is expanding quickly. In fact, by 2020, internet sales will have nearly reached $4 trillion worldwide. In the United States alone, we anticipate 300 million e-commerce customers by the year 2023. That’s more than 90% of the total population as of right now!

Your Instagram account represents your company to potential clients. Consider your profile to be the inviting front door of your establishment. This is why leading organisations are shifting their focus from individual posts to a complete feed that can visually represent their identity and mission statement rather of only focusing about posts that deliver a single message about their solutions.

Using a visual scheduler to plan out your Instagram feed will help you produce more material that is consistent with your brand and attract more like-minded followers. Consistency in the brand’s visual aspects is a crucial part of the branding strategy.

How to Use a Visual Instagram Feed Planner for the Year 2023

As we discussed, the first thing someone sees when they visit your Instagram profile might determine whether or not they decide to follow you. We’ve compiled some tips for making the most of a visual Instagram feed planner to boost brand recognition and customer loyalty.

First, you must provide some material.

Feed content curation is the first stage in creating a high-quality feed. Don’t know where to begin? The “Find Content” function in Vista Social is a wonderful way to discover new topics and ideas for posts.

Click ‘Find Content’ to see what’s popular among users in your field. Here you may search for brand new articles by typing in a business name, product name, or keyword.

The Second Step: Select the Best Feed

When your firm has a brand style guideline, you may more easily curate your Instagram account to reflect the company’s identity. Consistency is key to establishing a recognisable brand.

  • Instagram feeds often include the following staples:
  • Your brand’s goal statement should serve as the guidepost for all of your design decisions. This guarantees that all parties involved in the management of the brand’s image are pulling in the same direction.
  • Your company’s colour palette is the set of colours used in the design of all of the company’s branded visual assets. In 2022, Instagram users may expect to see a rise in the popularity of gradient backgrounds and icons from the 1970s.
  • Beyond the typeface used in your company’s logo, typography is a visual component of your brand style guide. One of the most popular trends in Instagram typography right now is the use of in-app fonts within the feed.
  • Buyer Persona/Audience: Your hypothetical perfect consumer can be represented by a buyer persona. It specifies who your business creates content for by including information like your customers’ job titles, ages, genders, and professional obstacles.

By previewing your feed in advance using Vista Social’s visual Instagram feed planner, you can guarantee that your feed maintains a consistent and on-brand appearance.

Last Words

If you want to see rapid growth on Instagram, you need to plan your feed so that your posts are consistent and memorable.

In that case, why delay any longer? Use Vista Social’s graphical Instagram feed planner to prepare in advance.

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