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Instagram highlights reels: how to use them to build your brand?

Instagram’s original intent with reels was to foster meaningful interaction between users and the accounts they follow. The key question, though, is whether or not Instagram Reels are actually assisting firms in differentiating themselves from rivals on social media.

Instagram Reels only recently launched additional features that make them competitive. Instagram Reels have expanded to include more functions and to last for longer periods of time throughout the years.

The primary motivation for this change was to provide content producers with more freedom and to ensure that platforms like TikTok were playing on an equal playing field. Maybe you’re wondering, though, how you may increase the size of your Instagram Reels, so let’s read on.

What distinguishing features do Instagram Reels have?

Full-screen, vertical Instagram videos called “Reels” can be up to 90 seconds in length. They provide a wide variety of sound effects and editing features. In addition to the audio, Reels also allows you to add several clips, effects, stickers, and more to the movie itself.

People may mistake Reels for Instagram Stories, however unlike Stories, Reels will be accessible for longer than 24 hours. Once a reel has been posted, it will remain indefinitely. They’re one of Instagram’s greatest functions and a major draw for viewers interested in your posts.

In the Instagram app, users can easily search for and find Reels. You may get your Reel included on Instagram’s trending Reels page if it becomes a viral sensation. On Instagram, Reels may be accessed through their own button in the Explore section.

Instagram Reels: How Do You Make One?

Instagram Reels may be made in one of two ways:

A primary technique for recording video is to simply keep the record button down.
Videos may also be transferred straight from the camera roll, which is the second option.
One or more videos can be combined into a single Instagram Reel. Here are some of Reels’ most salient features and specs:

Don’t forget that you can only make Reels on your mobile device. You can only post your Instagram Reel from a mobile device.
There is no set length for a reel; they can be anything from one to ninety seconds.
All of the clips are posted in the standard 9:16 portrait orientation.
What follows are the primary techniques for making Reels, should you be so inclined to learn more about this topic.

To begin, choose the “Plus” symbol; next, select the “Reel” option.

As soon as Reels is selected, the player is free to make any further moves. Your Reel may be customised in a wide variety of ways, from adding music to expanding its length (from 15 seconds to 90 seconds), speeding it up, adding special effects and filters, and enhancing the video’s layout.

Once you’ve made your choices, hit the record button and stop it when you’re done. Editing your finished Reel with a variety of stickers, drawings, and text is possible.

If you want to share your Instagram Reel, you may do it at this point by clicking “next” until you see the “share” option.

If your posted Reel is compelling enough, you may be rewarded with extra features. The “Explore” tab is typically the trigger for this to occur. Once Instagram sees that a Reel has been watched by a large number of people and that it touches on a topic that is currently trending, they will highlight it.

With regards to developing Reels, what kinds of insights should you prioritise?

When you first begin adding Reels to your profile, there are a few key facts to keep in mind that will determine how successful your efforts ultimately are. You’ll need a business account, though, if you want to analyse your Instagram activity.

Here is what you should be paying attention to in your Instagram Reels:

Ratings and Reviews and Plays
The sum of your savings is a
a measure of the total number of shares

Guide for making Instagram highlight videos

Observe the algorithm with care

It is more crucial than ever to keep up with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, which is not a secret. By learning how the Reels algorithm works, you may increase the likelihood that your material will be included on the explore page.

Get off the sales horse!

The goal of attempting to be salesy is not inherently incorrect, but going overboard is not a good idea. The stuff you create is not something that can be imposed on someone or made them like it. Instagram is used by the majority of its users to view fresh content that may spark new ideas and provide enjoyment that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Thus, you need to be sure that your Reels are facilitating this.

Make a plan for when to post

The same methods that worked well with Slots may be used with Reels. Some of them require regular, daily, or at least weekly updates. Don’t neglect this site and only post once in a while. You won’t see much results with this strategy, and it’s not a good practise anyhow.

The goal is to always keep your readers anticipating your next piece by letting them know when you plan to publish. To keep things interesting and ongoing, though, you should only make posts on a semi-regular basis. In this way, you may either predetermine the days of the week on which you will upload a Reel or switch things up, but you should never upload fewer than three times every week.

Engage key opinion leaders

Particularly on Instagram, there is no shortage of influencers willing to provide a hand with your content. Instagram’s influencer ecosystem is diverse and rich, with a wide range of users that may help you boost your account’s activity.

Keep in mind, though, that employing someone who has tens of thousands of followers might not be the best idea. Maybe you’d be more engaged with them or you’d be a good fit for their work style. Instead, you might think about signing up for influencer platforms that may help you locate the information you need.

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