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5 Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies For Brand Growth

It’s often accepted that not all social media sites are created equal when it comes to promoting a business.

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are all supposedly great for business-to-consumer marketing, whereas LinkedIn is supposedly more geared towards business-to-business transactions.

“They’re all wrong,” declared Databox CEO Pete Caputa. Rather, “the real key is just knowing how to use each one effectively.”

Instagram for Business: Setting Up Your Account

Step 1: Get the software from the Google Play or Apple software Store.

Step 2: Join up for a free account by entering your email address or your Facebook profile information.
Step 3: Finish creating your profile.

Step 4: Choose “settings” by tapping the cogwheel in the upper-right corner, then “switch to business profile.”

Step 5: When prompted, select connect to Facebook, then select the Facebook page you’d like to link, ensure it’s public, and click OK.

Step 6: Provide your company’s contact details.

Is Instagram Worth It for Business Promotion?

We asked 35 business owners and managers recently if Instagram is useful for business-to-business advertising. When we asked if B2B companies can be successful on Instagram, all answers were yes.
Without a question, Instagram’s plethora of useful functions provides a wealth of advantages. Instagram is definitely worth trying out, and here are seven reasons why.

Massive user base: 71% of Instagram’s 1 billion monthly active users are under the age of 35, making it a significant commercial platform. You may advertise your business and reach a wider audience with the help of this formidable tool.

Easy methods for spying on your rivals: You should keep tabs on your rivals both at home and overseas. See what they’re putting out there in terms of content, audience engagement, sales offers, and so on. Improve your Instagram business-to-business approach with the help of this data.

Instagram Stories, branded hashtags, and posting when your followers are most active on the platform (i.e., when they are most likely to like, comment, and share your content) are all great ways to boost your brand’s exposure and interaction on the platform.

Giving out free stuff, partnering with influential users, and leveraging affiliates are all wonderful business techniques that have been shown to increase exposure, engagement, and ultimately, income.
helps people connect with your brand: Adding a human touch to your brand may do wonders for gaining trust and customer loyalty. In fact, 33 percent of American customers feel brand trust is extremely important, especially in tough economic times when they can’t afford to make any mistakes with their spending.

More than a third of Instagram users have made an online purchase after discovering it on the platform. This indicates that the vast majority of its users are at the purchasing stage of the decision-making process and ready to make a purchase if they find a product they like. After all, growing sales and earnings is the lifeblood of every company.

Features that pack a punch: Instagram’s business profiles offer access to tools that aren’t available to regular users. Such as boosting your articles, adding a CTA button, and accessing the analytics for your business account.

Using Instagram to connect with and engage your audience is a great way to build your brand’s community. People are more inclined to make repeat purchases from you if they are exposed to your content often.

How to Use Instagram for Business Growth: 5 Tips

Make a Company Page

Morgan Lathaen, co-founder of thumbprint, advises new users to “make sure you create an Instagram business profile.”Establishing an Instagram account for your business has several advantages.

One may use the following as an illustration: “For instance, fans can use the ‘contact’ button on your Instagram profile to get in touch with you. Instagram also provides statistics so you can see how many people saw your posts.

Set Targets and Tactics for Each Individual Platform

In order to succeed with Instagram marketing, Taylor Kincaid of Social Media Optimism recommends that business-to-business marketers first establish their objectives.

Instagram is a powerful platform, but careless sharing will not provide positive outcomes. Is raising consciousness your goal? Lead generation? Receive a call? When you know where you’re going, you can create a strategy to get there, and your content will reflect that.

Choose Your Own Measure of Success

Simply opening Instagram will give you an excellent idea of who is following and enjoying your posts. You can’t tell what’s going to resonate with your audience until you have daily and post-by-post data.

Define your objectives for Instagram and the key performance indicators (KPIs) you’ll use to evaluate your success. This is the advice of Juan Merodio.

Recognise Your Targets

“Know your audience and who you’re trying to attract to your website,” advises Mikaella King of Blinds Direct. If you want your Instagram to be effective in generating new site visitors, this is a must.

30 Degrees North’s Tabitha Young agrees, saying, “Instagram can be a powerful tool if you are catering to your audience.”

Value Excellence More Than Quantity

According to Hubbion’s Anand Srinivasan, “the value of your followers and engagement is directly proportional to the effort you put into acquiring them.”

A large Instagram following or plenty of comments may be attained rather quickly and easily. However, unless these followers are real and the interaction is due of the content you offer, it will not help you achieve your marketing goals.

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