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Here Are 5 Guidelines To Help You Select The Perfect Instagram Photo To Represent Your Business.

If you want to get people’s attention and make a statement, think of your Instagram profile photo as a billboard.

It’s one of the first things anyone who search for your company on Instagram will see. Since it only takes around one tenth of a second for someone to form an opinion of another person based on a photograph, it’s vital that the image you choose conveys a positive initial impression of your business.

Five things to consider while picking an Instagram profile image

If you want to make a good impression with your Instagram profile photo, consider these five suggestions.

1. Upload an image, whether it’s a selfie or a logo.

Whether to use a logo or a personal photo as your brand’s profile image is sometimes a matter of personal preference.

This problem, however, has a simple answer.

Businesses that rely largely on client interactions, such as service providers, should prioritise using a photo of themselves.

Therefore, if you are a creator, influencer, or life coach, you may wish to utilise a photo of yourself. Your clients will do their best to characterise you before they do business with you since you are the face of your brand.

2. Put your brand’s colours to use

One method of setting your business apart is to use uniform colours in all of your promotional materials. According to studies, a brand’s awareness may increase by as much as 80% simply by using a similar colour palette throughout the brand’s logo, promotional materials, and digital content.

A consumer who is familiar with your brand’s content from other channels is more likely to recognise you on Instagram.

3. Aadjust the image size by cropping it.

The profile photo on Instagram is really small. Since space is limited, it is important that the image you select meet certain requirements in order to be legible.

Here are some guidelines to help you select the appropriate photo size.

  • Instagram thumbnails are 110 x 110 pixels. However, images must be at least 320 pixels by 320 pixels in size in order to be saved correctly.
  • Never settle for a low-resolution photo.
  • Since Instagram profile pictures are shown in a circular frame, it’s important that the subject matter be centred inside the picture.
  • Using an acronym or easily recognisable emblem might help people remember your brand even if the full name is too long to fit in the image.

4. Take your photo in a well-lit area.

The way an image is lit may completely alter the impression it gives. If you want to use a photo of yourself as your profile image, keep this in mind.

A dull and unattractive shot is the result of taking it in a dark room. Instead, it shows your readers that you have little regard for quality in what you do.

Instagram profile pictures should be taken in well-lit areas to avoid blurriness caused by shadows.

Natural light should be used wherever possible. The sun provides this natural illumination, which requires neither electricity nor batteries.

But if it can’t be helped, I totally understand. Many artists rely on ring lights and other forms of artificial lighting to create a well-balanced environment for their picture shoots.

5. Incorporate a memorable visual

Having a constantly-changing profile picture might be quite confusing for your followers. This occurs because they have formed a mental image of your brand.

Here are three examples of great Instagram profile pictures:

1. The company’s emblem

This is a simple choice for companies that sell tangible goods. Since your logo is unique, using it is a great method to set yourself apart from the competition. (hopefully). It also helps you stand out to the people who are actively looking for you.

2. A picture of your head

A headshot is the most common type of profile photo to use for service-based businesses and personal accounts.

If you’re going to use a headshot, don’t go too far out of the picture. To maintain sharpness, crop the image from the neck up.

3. Your group

Including coworkers in your Instagram profile photo is not something you typically see. It’s a win-win that helps you connect with your consumers and motivates your staff.

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