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An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Television(IGTV) In 2023

Instagram TV, or IGTV if you’re thinking about its user base in 2023, may be more familiar to you by that name.

You may use this app in tandem with Instagram or on its own to watch longer-form videos.

Although it has some connections to Instagram, it may be visited independently. Back in June of 2018, Instagram made the decision to introduce this new function.

It allows companies to create lengthier films than they could with regular Instagram posts or stories.

Actually, if you’ve been approved to use Instagram Television, you may upload a video that’s going to be as lengthy as an hour.

A normal Instagram user may share a 10-minute long Instagram Television video.

There’s a lot to consider with Instagram television, and as the app grows and adds new features, we anticipate that more and more people will start using it.

Let’s take a peek at the 2023 Instagram TV user base and see how popular it is.

In 2023, how many people are using Instagram TV?

Instagram Television is accessible to Instagram’s 1.39 billion monthly active users because it is included into the app by default.

At least 77% of digital marketers have utilised Instagram Television for promotional purposes, according to data on the platform’s usage.

While Instagram Television may have gotten off to a sluggish start, this remarkable number demonstrates that it has quickly become a popular feature on the popular photo-sharing app.

Marketing Your Company on Instagram TV

If you want to succeed in the long run as a company and provide the audience with the content they desire, you should include Instagram’s Insta Television function into your business plan.

Let’s examine the financial potential of Instagram TV.

Produce a Video Explanation

Given the widespread adoption of Instagram TV, a helpful how-to video is a great approach to boost interest in the platform.

If you create content for the food business, for instance, you might upload a tutorial on how to prepare spaghetti bolognese as an example of a how-to video.

Making a guide on how to use your product is a great way to promote your brand and drive sales. Making a how-to video for IGTV opens up a world of options.

Start a Q&A

Holding a Q&A session with your Instagram followers is a great approach to get them to open up and ask you anything they’ve been wondering about.

Furthermore, this is a great chance to display your proficiency in your field.

It is highly recommended that you use Instagram stories to advertise your Instagram Television Q&A before it airs.

If not, no one will have time to think of relevant questions to ask, and everyone will be caught off guard.

Show some of the inner workings

Given the popularity of Insta tv, taking viewers behind the scenes is a terrific approach to get them more invested in your content.

Giving your audience a glimpse behind the scenes of your company or business through things like employee interviews or tours of the office is a great way to put a face to your brand.

The end effect is a higher level of trust between your brand and its target audience, something that is crucial to the success of any business.

Broadcast a Game

There is no reason why you couldn’t use your Instagram TV channel to broadcast an upcoming lecture or conference you’re conducting.
Those who were unable to physically attend your lecture or conference may now view it online.

Your audience will be grateful since you are providing them with the opportunity to interact with material that interests them.

Marketing Your TV Show With Instagram

When you consider how many people are using Instagram Television, you’ll see that mastering IGTV is one of the finest things you can do for your Instagram profile.
We believe that cross-promotion is one of the most crucial aspects of content creation for Instagram Television.

It’s crucial to let your current followers know about your new channel when you start posting there, in case they’re interested in seeing more of your material.

This is especially crucial with Instagram Television, as some viewers will have to install a different app in order to view your videos.

We also think it’s crucial that your content is optimised for quiet viewing, since many people will be watching it on their mobile devices while in environments where they can turn the volume down.

Concluding Remarks

Instagram TV has been a widely used function, as seen by the aforementioned article, and its popularity appears to be on the rise.

It’s no surprise that Instagram Television is hugely popular and will continue to grow in the future, given all the buzz surrounding it and the opportunities it provides brands and businesses to connect with their audience on a more personal level through behind-the-scenes footage, how-to guides, and more.

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