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Planning a successful Instagram video advertisement campaign

Despite the fact that organic video methods are a low-cost approach to increase your brand’s social media visibility, they do have their drawbacks. To begin, there may be a steep learning curve before you can produce viral video content. Second, there are frequent algorithm modifications that influence the performance of content, and artists are left attempting to figure out how to best adapt to these changes.

Therefore, it is important to prioritise a social media strategy that makes use of both free and paid approaches. And with Instagram advertisements, your high-quality videos will reach even more people.

In light of this, let’s dive into how a stellar video advertising strategy may help companies and content producers increase interaction and expand their online following.

To what end should one use Instagram advertisements?

With more than a billion monthly active users as of 2022, Instagram has evolved into a multifaceted online hub capable of attracting interest in a wide variety of specialised topics. Brands may more easily highlight their distinct selling points in engaging multimedia presentations.

Advertisements run on the site help both companies and influencers reach new audiences interested in their respective products and services.

There are few things more disheartening than putting in hours of labour on a film just to have 10 people see it and have almost no interaction with it. To reach more people who might be interested in your videos, you can run advertising campaigns on Instagram and make use of the platform’s extensive database of user demographics.

What kind of results can you expect from an Instagram Ads campaign that uses video?

Eighty-three percent of organisations utilise social media to disseminate video marketing material, perhaps because video has become increasingly reliant in the digital environment as a continuous means to transmit information.

Who or what is to blame for this shift?

Customers and viewers want to be informed with minimal input while engaging with information. Video is a fantastic medium for satisfying this desire and keeping the audience engaged.

Video advertisements appeal to the viewer’s sight and ears, while picture and text advertisements only do the latter. The sooner you can hook a viewer’s attention, the more likely they are to be involved in what you have to say, and sound and motion are great tools for doing just that.

The countdown has begun!

Now that you know how powerful video advertisements can be, you can focus on creating and fueling a successful Instagram advertising campaign using video.

Find out what people enjoy watching the most in terms of video content

Even if videos do better than other content formats, not all videos are made equal.

Here are four tips for making effective Instagram video advertisements:

Reduce the preamble and go right to the meat of the matter

It takes an average of three to four seconds for a user to assess if an advertisement in their feed is worthwhile. Don’t linger on building suspense; get to the meat of your offer immediately. It’s also a good idea to include an animated logo so people can immediately recognise the material as belonging to your company.

Make use of everyday examples

Commercials that strike a chord with us are much more effective than others. We are compelled to keep going to find out what happens next. That’s why it’s crucial to do market research before launching a campaign. Prior to filming, it’s a good idea to create a storyboard and come up with a relevant situation for your video so that it may be more compelling to viewers.

Showcase a well-known character

One of the most effective strategies for attracting new customers is to partner with Instagram influencers by having them post about your company or do a takeover of your account. Think about using a famous individual who will be respected by your target market as the face of your advertisement. If the person making the advice or call to action is someone whom the audience already respects, the audience is considerably more likely to pause and pay attention.

Make use of animations

Using 2D and 3D animations in your Instagram advertising is a proven method to make them stand out. Producing eye-catching graphics that will captivate your audience is easier than ever thanks to video production firms and content development software tools. A good return on investment should be expected since they are effective at grabbing attention and displaying complex ideas in a straightforward manner.

Adjusting video settings for targeted advertising

A “placement” is the exact location where your adverts will be shown to readers. Let’s take a look at the specific technical specs needed by each location to ensure videos do well.

Story commercials

There is a lot of traffic on Instagram, and unlike ordinary stories, advertisements put in tales do not expire after 24 hours. When your target audience is perusing their articles, they are more likely to see your ad if you schedule it to run for a certain amount of time.

Reels commercials

Instagram unveiled a new sort of sponsored advertising on reels only last year. These commercials are interspersed with other content, such as other reels and tales. In contrast to tales, reel commercials play indefinitely and encourage audience participation through likes, comments, and shares.

Choose a Marketing Goal

After launching a new campaign, decide what you hope to accomplish with your advertising. There are three groups: cognition, investigation, and acceptance. You may narrow down exactly what it is your advertisement hopes to accomplish by selecting from among the several sub-categories provided for each target.

Make Your Commercials

As a matter of fact, the end is in sight.

Creating an Instagram ad begins with picking an account name and ad type.
Add your own video or find an existing one and upload it.
Put your ad copy in here.
Put in your ad’s CTA and URL, then click “Confirm” to publish it.

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