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How To Choose Perfect Influencers On Instagram?

Instagram Engagement rate is one of the most important metrics that a brand will look to select influencers.

When choosing influencers, one of the most essential KPIs for a brand is an influencer’s Instagram engagement rate.

Your audience is actively participating with your material if your engagement rate (ER) is high, and your postings are of excellent quality if your ER is high. To attract sponsors, you need to demonstrate that your audience will connect with and share your sponsored content. More brand partnerships will be offered to you if your engagement rate is strong.

How do we determine participation rates?

The number of people who interact with your posts and the number of people who follow you both have a role in establishing your ER. According to Instagram, the most valuable forms of interaction with a post are comments, likes, re-shares, and views. When combined with the number of followers, these indicators represent your engagement level.

You may skip the maths and just use the Vamp app to figure out yours. Click on “Profile” and you’re done! The participation rate you requested is now accessible. Hype Auditor is only one example of several reliable internet programmes that can perform the calculations for you.

Where can I find a good standard to aim for?

It’s not an easy topic to answer because there are so many variables at play, such as the number of followers you have and the nature of your specialty. The typical engagement rate of a fashion creator is likely to be lower than that of a gaming influencer, and vice versa for macro and micro influencers. See how your industry compares to others in terms of average post engagement here.

No matter your field or audience, though, you should aim for an engagement rate of 2-3%. Many of our customers use this standard as a bare minimum when making selections among potential influencers.

How do I get more people to interact with my posts on Instagram?

The solution to the crucial inquiry is at hand. You can try out a variety of tactics, but in my opinion, the following 10 measures will have the greatest impact on your Instagram account’s level of interaction.

Publish a carousel

Make a carousel if you’re going to post something in the feed. A bigger percentage of viewers interact with them than with individual feed images and videos. When all 10 carousel slides are used, they draw even more interactions.

Carousel posts are great for showing “before and after” shots, large collections of images, or threads dedicated to offering advice. Share as much relevant information and detail as you can in these posts, as doing so will increase the likelihood that your readers will bookmark them.

Put a face to your Instagram name

You should try to incorporate your face into most of your Instagram posts if doing so is appropriate for your audience. Instagram photos or videos with a human face in them earn 38% more likes and 32% more comments than those without faces.

In general, people like the company of other people. Your Instagram followers want a face to go along with your username. People are more inclined to interact with your content if they perceive a personal connection.

Consciously time when you post

Publish when you know the bulk of your target audience will be online. Your likelihood of receiving engagements increases as more people see your posts. Checking your follower metrics can tell you when your audience is most active.

You can see from your data what time of day and day of the week your followers are most active. Think about your target demographic and post at appropriate times in their time zones. With this information, you can plan your content for peak engagement times.

Make the most of Instagram

Successful Instagram influencers are confirmed to make full advantage of all the app has to offer when it goes live. In-feed content, Stories, Live broadcasts, IGTV episodes, and Reels all count.

More Instagram posts mean more likes, comments, and follows. All those interactions with your followers will increase your engagement rate significantly.

Get people talking by using captions

Give your followers a reason to stay on your post by writing a catchy caption. Captions that invite viewers to “like,” “share,” “save,” and “comment” increase the likelihood that your post will be seen and interacted with by its intended audience.

Make sure the opening sentence jumps out at the reader by using catchy wording, emojis, capitals, or spacing.

Make use of well-researched and applicable hashtags

Using hashtags is a terrific way to get your material seen by more people and get them involved with what you’re sharing.

You should add only relevant hashtags to your material, as there is a restriction to the quantity you can use. A time-lapse movie is not the place for #stopmotion. Use hashtags like #WorldPhotographyDay and #WorldSocialMediaDay to celebrate internationally recognised days. Incorporating these into your social media strategy is a surefire way to increase the number of people engaging with your content.

Tell Participatory Tales

Instagram’s Story feature offers a wide variety of customizable stickers that encourage audience participation. Using these stickers on a weekly basis is one of the finest strategies to increase your engagement rate.

Your audience engagement can be skyrocketed with the use of the poll, question, countdown, emoji slider, and quiz stickers.

Put your location in a geotag

Like hashtags, geo-tags will boost visibility, exposure, and interaction with your posts in a specific area.

If you want to save more posts, here is the tool for you. Make your geo-tag relevant to the location, like a hipster cafe or a stunning coastline. If your followers see your message and are encouraged to travel there themselves, they may save it for future reference.

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