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7 Effective Ways To Promote Your Brand On Instagram

Do you want to learn how to advertise your company on Instagram without spending a dime?

Instagram is one of the most effective free platforms for reaching a wide audience because of its massive user base. Many business owners, however, aren’t aware how to use Instagram marketing effectively without spending money on advertisements.

We’ll teach you how to advertise your business on Instagram without spending a dime, since the reality is that you don’t need a significant marketing budget to utilise Instagram efficiently.

Is It Necessary to Hire Instagram to Advertise Your Company?

You may be wondering if it’s worth it to pay Instagram to advertise your products or services before we look at the free Instagram marketing techniques in this piece.

Paying for a sponsored post on Instagram is a great method to get more eyes on your brand, more people interacting with it, and more eyes on your website. Ads on Instagram may be quite effective for your business profile, but it can be difficult for startups to justify the cost of social media marketing.

In addition, this post will show you how to advertise your Instagram business account without paying a dollar.

Instagram Marketing: The Free Way to Promote Your Business

Are you prepared to learn how to use Instagram to expand your company at no cost? If you want to get started with social media marketing but don’t want to break the bank, use the free Instagram advertising techniques down below.

Host contests and give out prizes

Running a giveaway or contest is a simple and quick approach to increase your Instagram following. Most Instagram users will take action for the opportunity to win a gift, making giveaways a great method to engage your target audience.
Participants can increase their chances of winning by visiting a designated website and/or following you on other social media sites.

If you’re using WordPress, you may add the Instagram contest widget to any post, page, or sidebar. When the offer is active, you may advertise it on Instagram by adding a link to your bio and publishing a captivating post.

Include Instagram Content on Your Site

Including photographs and videos from Instagram on your company’s website is another effective Instagram marketing strategy. That way, site visitors don’t even have to leave your site to check out your Instagram feed and, if they like what they see, they can immediately start following you.

Easily add eye-catching feeds to your WordPress site without breaking the bank with the help of Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed plugin. Your WordPress site may have feeds added to any page or post with the click of a button thanks to the visual feed builder.

Make Content That Can Be Bookmarked

Instagram’s likes, shares, and comments are the platform’s “secret sauce” for expanding your reach. A excellent strategy to increase your Instagram engagement is to provide material that prompts viewers to click the Save button.

But how do you define “saveable” media? In a nutshell, anything that consumers wish to keep around for later use is content that can be saved. For instance, entertaining memes, concise tutorials, and useful suggestions can all encourage repeat visits.

As an example of the kind of material that many people wish to save for reference, consider this vitamin cheat sheet from Physique and Strength.

Put Hashtags to Good Use

You can gain more eyes on your Instagram posts without spending any money by using hashtags. Many local companies, however, go overboard by stuffing their post captions with unrelated tags.

The difficulty is that using only generic hashtags won’t help you reach your goals. Even if your site gets some attention, visitors who aren’t really considering making a purchase aren’t likely to linger around.

Promote content on Social media

There is a lot of competition online, so it’s smart to spread the word about your small business in other places. Even if your intended viewers are just on Instagram, there’s still a chance that those on TikTok, Pinterest, or YouTube would enjoy your videos.

Try out several social media sites and cross-promote your material to expand your following. To increase your Instagram following, you may advertise your offer on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

Engage with Stickers and Stories

The daily user base of Instagram Stories is already over 500 million and rising. Use Instagram tales if you haven’t already to interact with your audience on a more personal level, and consider adding stickers to your tales to increase their appeal.

Instagram has a wide variety of story stickers for you to use, such as polls, questions, location, countdowns, and more.

If you want to increase engagement, like many influencers do with the Question sticker, there’s no reason your small business can’t utilise it, too. You may conduct a “Ask Me Anything” session, discuss user comments on a recent campaign, or just ask people for their thoughts on a niche-related issue.

Select the Best Posts to Share on Instagram

You can prevent old Instagram stories from being deleted by marking them as highlights and then pinning them to the top of your profile. You may essentially create “collections” of tales and save them for later viewing.

Instagram allows users to create an endless number of highlight albums, which, unlike ordinary stories, will not disappear after 24 hours. These curated sets are a great way for companies to showcase limited-time offers, seasonal product lines, or even user-created materials.

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