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An Ultimate Guide To Schedule Instagram Posts

You’ve got a great plan for what to post on Instagram. And you’ve already got a tonne of planned posts in your content schedule. You have a lot on your plate, and it’s difficult to find the time to update your blog regularly. You may save yourself the stress of coming up with content for Instagram at the last minute by scheduling your posts in advance.

And you can begin scheduling your Instagram posts without using any external apps. This tutorial will teach you how to plan your Instagram content in advance without the need for a third-party scheduling app.

Is There a Need to Pre-Plan Your Instagram Posts?

Before we go into the stages, let’s examine the benefits of preplanning your Instagram updates. The most important advantages of pre-planning your posts are as follows:

Avoid Wasting Time

There’s a lot to accomplish when you’re the owner of a company, and that includes keeping up with your publication schedule. There are a lot of moving parts to running a business, from advertising to managing daily operations, and making an Instagram post may be the last thing from your thoughts. Content producers and social media administrators face the same challenge.

You may save time and prepare ahead of time by scheduling your Instagram posts. You may free up more time for projects that require greater attention to detail by setting up a few hours on a single day to schedule your articles for the following week or month.

Always Be Consistent

Maintaining a constant presence on social media is essential. The Instagram algorithm will de-prioritize your account if it notices you aren’t actively posting fresh content for your followers to interact with. That means people are less likely to see what you’re up to and more likely to forget about you.

You can maintain consistency and optimal posting frequency by scheduling your Instagram posts in advance.

When to Publish Your Content

With millions of new posts appearing daily on Instagram, it’s possible for yours to be lost at the bottom of the stream if no one interacts with it right away. That’s why it’s so important to post when your followers are most likely to interact with you.

If you want to make sure you always reach your followers at the best possible moment, scheduling your posts in advance is a terrific approach to do it.

Make Your Page Flow Together

Instagram users are drawn to pages that are aesthetically pleasing. This might include sticking to a single colour scheme or ensuring that all of your material is of a similar style. Scheduling your Instagram posts gives you a bird’s-eye perspective of your complete content schedule, which will help you maintain cohesion. Because of this, you may arrange your content in a way that makes a positive first impression ahead of time.

Using Facebook’s Creator Studio to Plan Out Your Instagram Posts

Having demonstrated the value of scheduling your Instagram posts in advance, let’s move on to the meat of the matter: doing so without resorting to external apps. While does not yet support post creation, the Facebook Creator Studio does, allowing users to compose and schedule posts from their computers.

The Creator Studio allows you to do more than just schedule and make articles; you can also tag individuals and disable comments. Sponsored material can also be tagged with business partners. To begin utilising Creator Studio for Instagram post scheduling, please follow these steps:

Access the Maker Studio right now!

If you have a Facebook account, this will log you in immediately there. Remember that a Creator Account or a Business Account is required to use this feature.

To access Instagram, select the tab from the menu bar.
You will be prompted to link your Instagram account if you haven’t already.

Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the button to link your accounts. If your accounts are already linked, you may move on.
After you’ve signed in, select “Create Post” from the menu on the left.
Choose whether you’d want to make a standard Instagram post or an Instagram video longer than 60 seconds.

The Creator Studio does not support scheduling Instagram Stories at this time. Here, we’ll use the Instagram uploading option as an illustration.

Get to work on your message

You’ll need to add a caption to your material before submitting it. This screen allows you to upload single images, picture galleries, and video uploads. There’s also the option to add a location, tag individuals in the images, and mention persons in the remarks. Make sure to check the box on this screen if you also want to share the post on Facebook.

The “Advanced settings” tab lets you do things like disable comments and add alternative text to your photographs. If you want to make your material more accessible to individuals with disabilities, you should provide alternative language for any images you use.

After you have completed your post

Follow the arrow down next to the “Publish” button to access other options.
Choose the time and date you’d want the post to go live by clicking the “Schedule” button.

The scheduling process may be completed by clicking the blue “Schedule” button. The post may be saved as a draught if you’d like to share it with your team for feedback before publishing.
A “Scheduled” label has been added to the post in your content repository. The post can be removed, viewed, edited, or published directly from this screen.

Select the “Calendar” option on the left side of the screen to see a calendar view of your upcoming events for the week or the rest of the month. You can now see the big picture of your content schedule and make any modifications. You may see and modify any of the scheduled posts by clicking on its name.

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