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5 Social Media Marketing Predictions For 2023

Almost annually, a new fad emerges and, like magnets, draws in everyone using that particular social media site. Foresight into next year’s forecasts is essential for staying on top of these tendencies. You’ll need to do some serious digging into the happenings of the past 12 months’ worth of data in order to make sense of these forecasts. Doing so will give you a glimpse into the future and the ability to foresee potential developments.

As a result of the widespread adoption of smartphones and other mobile devices, social media marketing has become a fully-fledged industry in its own right. Never before have social media sites been so popular. It is safe to assume that the majority of the global population spends at least half of each day glued to some form of social media, as this is what the data shows. With the rest of the world at our fingertips, they have become indispensable. Marketers now engage in activities such as brand partnerships, paid advertisements, and video advertisements, all of which have flourished on these platforms, thanks to the advent of the internet. It’s created a new market for small businesses and emerging brands, while also bolstering the power of larger, more established companies. Because social media marketing is contagious in the online world, it’s vital to monitor these forecasts. To help you prepare for 2020, we have compiled the most insightful forecasts for social media marketing that we could find.

A major trend this year has been the use of augmented reality

Can you believe how popular that age-effect filter was on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook? There was a huge uptick in the use of Snapchat’s ageing filter after it was released. Snapchat has been ahead of the curve on augmented reality thanks to its humorous and spooky filter options, but Facebook has been more interactive from a purely technical standpoint. Simply put, Snapchat has a more elegant implementation of its technological features. Rumors have circulated that AR-enabled glasses will make it possible to immerse oneself in a virtual environment and gain more people understanding of the real world. It’s possible that by 2020 we’ll have seen Apple’s augmented reality glasses. The competition between these two major corporations is fierce. After all, finding the appropriate filters is of utmost importance in the present day, and augmented reality has developed into an integral part of our everyday experience.

Tik Tok’s meteoric rise can be attributed to its massive user base of over 500 million

This app has been around since 2016, but it has quickly become one of the most popular ones. There’s a good chance that business-to-consumer companies whose customers are primarily comprised of millennials will find these sites to be a boon to their promotional efforts. Tik Tok is one of the best options for marketing to teenagers and people of younger age groups now that Instagram has reached maturity and competition there is fierce. A large number of YouTube vloggers, actors, artists, etc. find the platform to be highly engaging and interesting because of this. Now is the time to learn about and prepare for the predicted rise of Tiktok, as live video has taken over social media marketing strategies and videos have gained momentum over pictures and images.

Narratives Will Play a Bigger Role in Promotion and Communication

Due in large part to Snapchat and its many time-limited posts, Instagram and other social media platforms have undergone a dramatic redesign, leading to an increase of 500 million daily active users on TikTok alone. This is because, unlike posts, stories are not shuffled around and edited before being published. The audience should watch it right now. As a result, the content is much more genuine and helpful to the audience.

In order to maintain their relevance and constantly negotiate their brand space in the market, brands that have already established a presence in digital media are posting stories at least four times per week, according to statistics and trends.

4. Optimize content that will work

Optimized, niche-focused, and genuine content is all about ripping off the mask of false promises and flashy marketing techniques. Social media marketing content strategies that make effective use of keywords and hashtags are poised for massive success.

5. Brands that allow consumers to customise their products will become the norm

The need to connect brand with its target audience is expected to fuel a meteoric rise in the use of relationship marketing strategies. The emphasis will shift to conversational marketing strategies that help get the brand’s message across to consumers. Most businesses will have to shift their attention away from making a sale and towards creating a sense of community among their target audience by investing heavily in cultivating a sense of shared identity through partnerships and endorsements with relatable public figures.

The decline in Facebook’s user base over the past year has been dramatic, and even Instagram has come under fire for the negative impact it has had on people’s mental health, but new platforms are emerging to take their place. Services like LinkedIn and Pinterest are well-positioned to dominate the market in the event that this scenario plays out. A recent report states that LinkedIn has seen a 25% rise in earnings. However, when it comes to visual content, Pinterest is still king. Marketers can use the anticipated growth of these platforms as part of their social media advertising campaigns.

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