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How To Use Social Influencers To Get More Clients

Companies of all sizes, from startups to household names, are teaming up with influencers in an effort to increase brand awareness and sales. According to Tomoson, influencer marketing is not only the most cost-efficient client acquisition channel, but also the fastest expanding. And 51% of marketers say they have found success in using influencers to get higher quality leads.

Working with influencers might be beneficial if you’re trying to find new clients for your brand.
Here are some essential pointers for using influencers to attract your ideal clients.

Identify and Connect with Effective Stakeholders

  • Finding the correct influencers to collaborate with is crucial to the success of any influencer marketing strategy. Most marketers have trouble here. According to research conducted by Econsultancy, finding the proper influencers is the most difficult part of influencer marketing.
  • Determining what kind of influencer is needed and then utilising the appropriate methods to identify them is crucial. Think on what you want to accomplish with your campaign and build a list of the qualities your perfect influencer should have. If you read this, you’ll know how to whittle down a list of influencers to only the ones that matter.
  • There are a number of viable choices when it comes to the most efficient influencer marketing instruments. In addition to the standard metrics like follower numbers, HYPR is a great tool since it provides insights into the influencer’s audience demographics. That way, you may find the most influential people whose followers have the same interests as your ideal customers.
  • In addition, Onalytica provides a variety of filters to help you narrow down your influencer search. It may be used to find the most relevant influencers for a given topic, audience, or piece of content. You can also use NeoReach to learn about the influencer’s audience demography and the businesses they’ve collaborated with.

Put Plans Into Action to Achieve Success

You shouldn’t blindly mimic a competitor’s influencer marketing strategy just because you liked the results. Not every strategy that works for a well-known company should be implemented by smaller businesses. If you want your campaign to succeed, the type of campaign you choose is just as crucial as the influencers you choose to work with.
Since the goal of your influencer marketing efforts is to increase sales, it makes sense to focus your efforts on projects that are highly likely to succeed. What about these?

Freebie-Giving Contests

Having a contest where people can win free stuff is a great approach to get people interested in what you have to offer. People may pay more attention to your brand if they have a chance to win a free prize. In addition, having an influencer host the competition increases your power by exposing your brand to their followers.
As one example, mommy blogger Katie Stauffer organised a giveaway campaign to promote Pink Chicken NY, a children’s apparel line. A prize of $400 in store credit is a great approach to introduce new customers to the brand’s offerings.

Instagram users who want to take part must first follow both the influencer and the brand in question, and then tag at least three friends in the comments section. Both the influencer and the company may reach a wider audience thanks to this wonderful chance. In addition, it could attract new fans to their cause.

Programmes for Brand Ambassadors

Make your most loyal customers and enthusiastic supporters “brand ambassadors” to provide them an incentive to spread positive word of mouth about your company. But to get the most out of the programme, you should seek out influential people who are already committed consumers of your product and recruit them as brand ambassadors.

The rapid expansion of companies like Glossier may be attributed in large part to their network of prominent brand advocates, known as “Glossier Girls.” Each of the Glossier Girls has a special discount code and URL that their fans may use to save 20% on their first order. Here is an example of a post promoting Glossier goods made by Helena, a micro-influencer.

Reliable Opinions

And of course, a series of impartial assessments from pertinent influencers will round out your campaign well. Reviews are effective, especially for new products or for startups. Most of your potential customers either won’t know who you are or won’t have faith in your goods to buy it. That’s why it’s so important to present your argument with the backing of influential people they already look up to.

Maintain a Record of Your Progress

Last but not least, once your campaign is in motion, you should not idly wait for the outcomes to unfold. You still need to monitor the campaign’s success in order to identify areas for improvement. See how much interest the influencers’ post is generating on social media by monitoring the amount of traffic it receives.
And remember to keep tabs on the sales that your influencers helped you make. You may use this information to determine where your campaign stands and where changes are needed.
Now that you know how to use influencers to your advantage, you can begin developing your campaign and searching for suitable influencers to collaborate with.

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