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How To Find Your Niche Audience On Twitter

Whether you’re using Twitter, Facebook, or email, you can still use the same techniques for disseminating your content and brand message.

You need an audience interested in the field or subject matter about which you are writing and producing material (such as videos, podcasts, and downloadable PDFs).

Gaining Highly-Specific Twitter Followers: A Helpful Hint

If you follow someone on Twitter, they should follow you back, as this is one of the unspoken laws of the platform. Although not inflexible, this norm persists in the social media sphere.

Twitter users discuss anything from business and social media to food, dance, and technology, demonstrating the platform’s versatility.

Building a community, marketing content, and getting people to your site all depend on having a sizable following on Twitter who share your interests and enthusiasms in the field you’re working in., which organises Twitter users into categories for easier browsing, is one such directory I’ve used before, but it has always been sluggish and unreliable.

Finding a prominent tweeple within your field of interest, such as “Mashable” or “Techcrunch” for technology news, and adding individuals who follow these well-known users is the most typical approach to identify and add people with similar interests. is a useful service that enables you to follow the followers of other users within the parameters set by Twitter.

By comparing their numbers in a table, this tool aims to help you sort them according to your criteria, such as their level of activity and friendliness. Although it is still in the testing phase, I found it to be rather reliable. To begin building a Twitter following that is consistent with your business specialty and fit for your particular issue, simply input the name of a thought leader or prominent person in your field, and it will display their followers that you may follow.

Here I’ve used the Twitter handle (@ChrisBrogan) of social media industry leader Chris Brogan to demonstrate how this may be applied in practise.

You may follow specific people on Twitter based on demographic information like

  • Those who use it often
  • Greater scope or impact
  • Twitter users with a high number of followers relative to those who are following them

So give it a shot and see what happens when you start following the people who follow the celebrities and thought leaders in your field.

You might get a few new Twitter followers who are interested in your tweets, website, or Facebook page but were previously unaware of your existence.

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