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How To Use TikTok To Grow Your Business?

The popularity of the video-sharing app TikTok has skyrocketed. In a blog post published in September 2021, the short-form video company revealed that one billion individuals use TikTok on a monthly basis.

That means that out of the roughly 7.9 billion people in the world, nearly a billion of them frequently consume TikTok content such as advertisements, dance videos, risky challenges, and even instructional materials.

According to a study by Adweek, over half of all TikTok users (including 36% of Generation Z and 15% of all adults) had made a purchase based on seeing a product marketed, reviewed, or promoted on the app.

As TikTok grows in popularity, more and more companies are figuring out how to effectively market their products by creating viral challenges, partnering with hip influencers, and posting quick, funny videos.

Classifications of TikTok Ads

The following is a list of the various TikTok ad campaigns that can be run on the app now that we know how useful it can be:

1)Ads that appear in the feed itself

TikTok Ads Manager allows users to make their own advertisements.

As people watch the videos, in-feed advertisements pop up on their feeds. These advertisements look like user-created content but are clearly labelled as sponsored by TikTok.

Like to ordinary videos, users may interact with your in-feed ads by liking, commenting, sharing, and downloading them. As a result, your video could go viral if the content is fascinating, engaging, and innovative enough to warrant the ad’s placement.

Two. Visual Advertising

Only the TikTok News Feed apps will display these advertising (BuzzVideo, News Republic, TopBuzz, Pangle, and Babe). Featured images must include

  • Innovative visualisation
  • Identifying a product or service by its brand
  • Brief Description of Advertisement

3 Video Advertising in a Series for the News Feed App

News Feed App Series Video Ads, like Picture Ads, can be purchased for use in the TikTok News Feed Apps.

4.Instant Advertising

Using these one-of-a-kind adverts, your company may enhance organic content with

videos uploaded to your own TikTok account
Spark Ads allow you to insert a call to action, account name, audio, and caption into posts created by other users (with their permission). In addition to viewing, liking, and commenting on your posts, users will also be able to share them.

Spark Advertising Recommendations for Use with TikTok

There are no limits on video quality, playtime, file format, or ad ratio.
It’s acceptable to use emojis and make references to other accounts.

5.Pangle Ads

To make sure your images are the correct dimensions for Pangle Advertising, utilise the TikTok Ads Manager to put Pangle Ads.

Sixth Carousel Ads

These ads, which are very similar to Facebook’s Carousel Ads, only appear in the TikTok News Feed apps and can have as many as ten images, each of which has its own caption.

Cartwheel Advertising 6

TikTok’s News Feed advertisements function similarly to Facebook’s Carousel Ads in that they display a series of images accompanied by different captions.

Branded Effect

Stickers, filters, and modifiable filters are all examples of branded effects that can encourage user participation with your business.

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Your Own Successful TikTok Ad Campaign

Getting started with TikTok Ads Manager is as simple as making a new account.
The first step in launching a successful TikTok advertising campaign is signing up for a TikTok Ads Manager account.

But if you only want to promote content that already exists, you may do that directly using TikTok Promote.

Follow these steps to create an account in TikTok Advertising Manager:

  • To get started with signing up, please click here.
  • A verification code from TikTok will then be sent to your phone or email address. If you haven’t seen it in your inbox within 30 seconds, you might want to check your spam folder.
  • Once you’ve decided on a country/region, industry, company name, time zone, phone number, and currency, you may register by clicking the corresponding button.

Action 2: Determine Your Goals

After signing up for TikTok Ads Manager, navigate to the Campaign tab.

Setting a goal is essential before beginning a TikTok advertising campaign. Is one of your goals getting people to install a certain app? Should I sign up for your newsletter? Don’t mind if I follow your social media pages? Spend money on your goods and services?

The goals have been broken down into three groups by the TikTok Advertising Manager:

Step 3: Make an Ad Group for Awareness, Interest, and Action

After signing up and deciding on a goal, the next step is making an ad group.

Fourth, decide who you’re trying to reach.

If you use TikTok Advertising, you can specify who sees your ads.

AboutAds conducted a poll asking respondents whether they preferred generic product ads or ads for goods and services related to their specific interests. The second option was selected by 40.5% of respondents, while 27.6% indicated they were fine with both. This highlights the importance of reaching out to the correct demographic.

Budgeting is Step 5

A marketing plan’s budget is the sum of money allotted for promotional efforts. There are two tiers of advertising spending on TikTok:

Long-term planning and budgeting
Expenditure Plan For The Day

Prepare Your Ad for Viewing 6

To begin, give your ad a title by typing in its desired label. Ad names are optional and used merely to assist you keep track of which ads are which. It is not a component of your main advertisement.

Next, decide on an ad design

The News Feed apps, unlike TikTok, support both video and image advertisements.

Seventh, Add More Components

Once you’ve completed the above, you may move on to incorporating supplementary materials into your video ads.

The Last Step: Previewing Your Commercial

You must preview your ad before it goes live. There are no hidden fees on TikTok, and you can easily preview your advertising before they go live.

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